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Post Facial Do's and Dont's

Depending on the treatment received your post care plan is a sure way of acheiving the results you want to see. It can be harder to stick to this as sometimes there may be a bit of healing or downtime involved. The day of the facial you'll want to avoid wearing makeup if possible. No heavy sweating, excessive heat or sun. Avoid washing your face unless instructed by your esthetician. The next day after a facial you'll want to limit cleansing to just at night. Splash your face with cold water in the morning and use the recommended product. Antioxidants and hyaluronic acid are great choices to protect and nourish your skin. Sun protection must be used. Many times a treatment will consist of stronger exfoliation than your normal routine so necessary precautions against sun exposure are at the top of the list.

Hold off on using retinal or anything exfoliating for 4-7 days post treatment. Avoid touching or picking at any post extraction marks and let everything heal as needed. If you are experiencing flakiness or dry patches do not touch or pick. Dry skin is very normal after a treatment and will subside within a week or less. Use a proper moisturizer and limit over cleansing. An oil cleanser will be a great alternative if you are experiencing tight skin in addition to dry patches. Cleansing with cold water in the morning allows the lipid barrier to restrengthen and protect new skin.

It is extremely important to use the proper home care so that your skin becomes conditioned to active ingredients therefore promoting change within the skin.

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