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Updated: Oct 2, 2019

What is it:

Extractions are the act of removing any clogged or trapped impurity such as hardened oil, bacteria and pollution from the pores. We can extract blackheads, white heads and sometimes cysts but only on a case by case basis. I find extractions to be crucial for most clients dealing with current acne or acne prone skin. At home extractions are never recommended as this can call cellular wall damage very easily resulting in scarring. Any time inflammation is caused from extractions there may be a risk of hyperpigmentation. Extractions can help relieve swelling of pores which can limit your risk of having enlarged pores in the future.

What to expect:

Redness and slight swelling of the skin is normal 24-48 hours post extractions but may take up to a few days to heal if heavier extractions were done. Spots may appear worse before they get better. Rarely do extracted spots turn into pimples but it does happen when congestion was "spilling" out of the follicle wall internally. Extractions are probably the most uncomfortable part of the whole facial but by far the most important to ensure a deep clean.


Along with your prescribed home care, at home high frequency machines may be used on a low setting at home to help with any residual inflammation and bacteria. Do not touch, pick at or attempt to further extract any spot. Give your skin time to heal and trust the process.

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