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Pre Facial Do's and Don't

The correct preparation before a facial can ensure you're getting the most out of the experience and treatment. Take into account the products and home treatments you do on a weekly and daily basis. If you are someone who uses exfoliating or stimulating products at home you may want to plan accordingly with your esthetician before receiving a facial or chemical peel.

1 wk prior to your treatment you will forgo any home peel pads or exfoliating products. Retinals may be stopped about 5 days before. The more exfoliated your skin is going into the treatment the more sensitized and reactive you will be to stronger or stimulating products. A healthy lipid barrier is key to strong skin. Make sure your water intake levels are up so that your skin is not dehydrated. This will regulate oil production to ensure product penetration.

Avoid heavy sweating or excessive heat right before your session. The pores are open and detoxing during this time so the PH of your skin will be a bit more acidic than normal. Coming to a facial with makeup on is okay but it is better if your skin is clean.

If you are receiving a chemical peel please use the necessary prep kit/products as provided/recommended. This will condition your skin to kick start cell metabolism. The proper prep is equally as important to post care to ensure the desired effect.

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